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At the request of a couple of people. This method has been claimed by many people over the years and is not really new at all. This method creates a shaggy wooly bugger and the hackle is well protected from teeth by being wrapped up in tying thread and covered with dubbing material.
Create a thread base, tie in tail and create a smooth underbody
Create a thread dubbing loop and tie in the saddle hackle tip first at the rear of the fly. It will help later if the hackle fibers are stroked out perpendicular from the hackle stem.
Make a loose dubbing noodle and insert it in the dubbing loop. Keep the dubbing sparse or it will get too thick later.
Spin up the dubbing loop and brush out the fibers.
Pull down the saddle hackle such that it is along the dubbing loop and fairly taut.
The hackle is captured in the loop of the dubbing twister. The dubbing loop is also still on the hook of the twister. Spin the hackle and the dubbing loop together and wrap the body forward trying to trap as few fibers as is practical.
Tie off the dubbing loop and snip off the remaining material in the loop. The fly will be pretty scraggly and likely a bit uneven. Brush out the body with a dubbing brush.
I like to use a couple of wraps of dubbing or peacock to tame stray hackle fibers.


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Nice! You aren’t kidding about this technique being out there for a long time but it’s always good to be reminded. I went to a fly fishing event on the U of Wyoming campus around 2004 and watched a couple tiers demonstrate a few different applications. My favorite was a big foam dry with a hackle and dubbed underbody done the same way you did it. He gave me the pattern and I still have it somewhere.


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"The fly will be pretty scraggly and likely a bit uneven."

Ugly is good. Lucky for me, 'cause I generally tie ugly flies.

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