FS Early 3 1/2" Hardy Perfect Wide Drum Reel


For Sale: 3 1/2" Hardy Perfect wide drum with 1906 check
- Beautiful ivorine handle turns freely.
- 1906 check with strap over tension adjustment works perfectly. Very nice example.
- Weighs 8.1 ounces.
- Smooth brass foot is 3 in. long, straight, and unaltered.
- All three parts have matching serial numbers.
- Mechanically this reel is perfect. No spool wobble, tight, no issues.
- The spool retention screw is a replacement provided by Bill Archuleta.
- Cosmetically the reel has one small rough spot on the frame, as seen in the photos. Original leaded finish is worn to a nice even patina.
This is a rare and tough to find reel in this size. Early examples in such nice working order don't come along often. It's my favorite size for a 6 weight spey rod, but can also be used on an 8/9 wt. single hand rod. $685 shipped and insured within CONUS using Paypal. PM or email (preferred) at [email protected] if interested. Thanks.
Lee DSC_3716.JPG DSC_3717.JPG DSC_3718.JPG DSC_3721.JPG DSC_3724.JPG DSC_3722.JPG

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