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My mother-in-law has been ailing for a while, and my wife's been down in San Diego with her since early this month. I got the call this morning that she passed away around breakfast time. Even though she hasn't really been coherent and she's been pretty drugged up, it seems she held on just long enough for her kids and local grandkids to see her for the holiday, then she rested. I've told her before, and I'll always be thankful she gave me my wife. Now she's with her husband.
After a morning of phone calls and endless tears I took a break and headed out with my new rod. I really like 2' 20#, 2' 15#, 2' 12#, 2' 0x sighter, ring, 2' 1x, 2' 2x, 2'3x.
I could work close and/or cast the euro line 40' with no problem on my favorite piece of river.
I got some little players right of the bat.
20201127_124659 (2).jpg
Then I think mom was with me. I hooked maybe the best fish of the season. I thought I snagged bottom as I didn't feel a take, my indicator just stopped and I lifted the tip. Moving the tip upstream I gave another little tug and at that point the reel starts screaming and the fish is at the top of the run doing acrobatics. After a tailwalk it headed downstream, then decided to try and bulldog me into the roots on the far side. The rod had plenty of backbone to bring it out, and when finally tired I was able to net it and remove the stone fly.
20201127_130907 (2).jpg
Like I said, bittersweet. Thanks Mom, love you.
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Sorry for your loss @MGTom ! Beautiful pictures and fish, such a beautiful place to remember her and enjoy yourself as much as you can during such a difficult time. Peace!

Jim Ficklin

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Prayers for you & your family, Tom. You have my deepest condolences. May Mom rest in peace.

That's a pretty fly rod.

Driftless Dan

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I'm very sorry for your loss, MGTom. Despite the cliché of a witch of a mother-in-law, most of my friends have grown to love their in-laws; I know I have.

My in-laws came to live with us during the births of our two children, and it was a truly wonderful experience. While we didn't know anything about care and maintenance of a baby, she knew everything; It was a stressful time for us for various reasons, and they helped out enormously. Plus, she's a great cook.

My FIL is 93 now, my MIL is 83, so their time with us is limited, healthy as they are. My heart aches thinking about that inevitable day. Worst thing is, they're back in China, and if one of them had a health issue, my wife could not travel there to see them because China won't let foreigners in the country except for very special circumstances.

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I am sorry to hear of your loss Tom. Prayers that your family and all who who held Mom dear will receive comfort in your grief, and that golden memories of her will remain vivid for you all.

Greg Price

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Wow Tom, i feel for you.

My mother in law lived with us for my son's first 16 years and passed away in our home. She was an asset to our family as she helped raise our son. We felt a huge loss when she passed.

I got the call from my wife when i was in drift boat at leach lake near White Pass ski area. I answered phone and just as my wife was telling her mon died a huge brookie struck. I consoled my wife and played/released fish at same time.

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