First REAL salt experience...

Fished saltwater today for the first time at an undisclosed area and was pretty impressed with the amount of hookups, thanks to the advice read on and psf co.

Hooked 5 and landed 2, gave the 2 pinks away to fellow gear guys who have a taste for them.

Learned alots of stuff today and have a few questions:

What kind of head cement is the best for saltwater? I learned today that "hard as nails" is broken down from the salt and material and thread starts falling apart. I would think clear-epoxy is the best?

What line would be used 90% of the time? I used a floater for the most half but also hooked up using a type 3 later in the day. Does it really matter?

What does pink salmon taste like?


PS: I was warned of flyfishing in the salt, and that those who have tried it would become addicted...seeyou at Eric Clapton's Crossroads. :)


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I am also a novice at salt so I can only speak of what they taste like. Not nearly as good as a silver or king, even when drowned in butter lemon juice and basil. More like trout. If you eat them out of a river they taste horrible. I guess that is why they use them for dog food. If you smoke them I am sure they would taste fine. Bbq them on an open flame, dont wrap it in foil and you will find a better taste.


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Hey Fish

I have been using quick drying exopy for years and is stands the test of time. I also use a few dabs of miracle glue when tying.


Martyg is right, epoxy is the way to go. I use 30 min epoxy, but end up waiting several hours for it to dry, the advantage to 30 min over 5 min is you can epoxy like 20 flies before it starts to harden on you. If you use 5 min you might need to mix multiple batches if you're trying to do several flies.

Pinks taste O.K. if you get them fresh out of the salt - the further out the better, even these puget sound pinks are starting to turn a little and their flesh is getting a bit soft. They taste good smoked, but then again I bet my old tennis shoes taste good smoked.

Willie Bodger

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I actually kept a few pinks this morning. Bled them on the spot, got 'em on ice asap adn BBQ'd them for lunch at work today. They were tasty and they were chrome bright. Guess I might have to head back tomorrow AM and try for a few more...

Is the taste of pink like muddy trout? What is the best way to prepare them on the bar-b? I guess I can keep few for my mom,brother,etc.

PS, i though I would never say this but saltwater fish fight as hard if not harder than Steelhead, w/o the acrobatic leaps,etc. Easy adrenalin fix!


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If you bleed the pinks and put them on ice right away they are tastier than trout. The other key is to eat them either that night or the next. The few people who I gave pinks to, have enjoyed them quite a bit and I’ve been told that they are tastier than ‘any’ frozen salmon.
This is only based on what other people have told me since all Salmon taste like low tide to me!


Most people bleed fish by bonking the fish, then cutting the gills, the fish's heart will continute to pump blood out, this improves the taste of the meat. If you're in a bind you can just reach in and rip the gills out, not the most pleasant thing to do, but it works.

If I'm wading I dangle the fish from my wading belt until it bleeds out, when I'm on my boat I run the fish through a rope and hang it off the side of the boat until it bleeds out, then I put it in the cooler on ice.


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Since Pinks aren't the greatest to eat...just release so hopefully we will have more fun on odd years.

Chum = Dog Food in AK....Add Pink to that list for WA.

Basically you are eating gourmet dogfood.

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