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I am selling the following as a set at this time and do not want to break it up just yet. This is ideal for a trout spey setup and should allow you to dial in most any trout spey rod.
OPST Commando Heads in:
150 gr.
175 gr.
200 gr.
225 gr.
250 gr.
300 gr.

Commando Sink Tips:
40 gr. S2 Riffle
40 gr. S4 Run
40 gr. S6 Bucket

96 gr. S2/3 Riffle
96 gr. S3/4 Run
96 gr. S5/6 Bucket

Commando Floating Tip
20 gr. 5 ft.
35 gr. 7.5 ft.
50 gr. 10 ft.

OPST Lazar Line
30 lb slightly used
30 lb. new

OPST Head Wallet

Everything is in excellent condition. The majority has only been test cast. The 175 gr. has had the most use and that hasn’t been much. The packaging on the tips has been opened, but again test cast only.

$300 shipped CONUS


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if you decide you want to break it up, i would likely buy the 96gr sink tips and the head wallet, pending your price.

you would probably get more $$ in your wallet by selling it all separately honestly, but with the obvious added headache of a lot of shipping logistics.

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