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Indi Ira
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After sorting through the last round of hooks, I have an update. All packages have 25 hooks. All hooks are $1 per 25 hooks plus shipping. These are available until supplies last.

Please include the hook number, size and how many packages you want when ordering.

Photos may not match what is available. Please check the list below.

730 Size 4, 8 packages
9575 Size 4, 5 packages
92553 Size 2, 5 packages
9672 Size 2, 1 package
EC-084 Size 4, 31 packages
730 Size 6, 8 packages

5A602B7E-73E8-4797-B802-419F19E115C5.jpeg 33B2201D-4243-4605-95A9-0500FB6BBC1B.jpeg 39D5C345-1C23-4132-A0B5-4A8D6907190F.jpeg 7B2FE55C-F27C-4D5C-900E-04F57C7A2317.jpeg D5729033-9F27-44AB-BE8B-F223FC5706AE.jpeg B9D4AADA-984B-4F49-8693-6803B5299427.jpeg B6561092-798B-4A4C-B204-4571534ED225.jpeg 48B97098-8D41-4E20-B6EE-7C41D02E94FB.jpeg


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Are there any EC 784M#4 and 79580 still available? Cost of 4 packs of the EC 784M # 4 and 2 packs of 79580 shipped to SC?

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