Applying Mohair as a hackle (at the head)

Read Walthams book on Francis Francis and one set of flies for the Stinchair (I think) has mained heads made of mohair. My question is how do you apply Mohair as ahackle so it looks great and natural. Any suggestions?
Many thanks!
the pictures I saw of the flies looked really neat! :eek: :cool:

Any professors of this technique would be welcome to comment! :ray1:


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Maned head are really very simple. You make them by using a dubbing loop, placing the material (angora goat dubbing, SLF, or one of the other seal substitutes, the key is using long fibered dubbing) in the dubbing loop at 90 degrees to the thread, spin the loop closed, and when wrapping the now very long dubbing pull the dubbing backward as you make each wrap of it. Voila, a maned head! Just don't have them cover too much of the head area of the fly.

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