last licks on Lone this Saturday - the Report


~El Pescador
you want a report - here you go:
beautiful day to be on the water. was fishing by 9:00 and was ahead of the crowd which starting showing up. I would guess I shared the water with 12 people, including Steve and his friend.
I trolled the lake in my favorite area and starting getting some action in about an hour.
I got two fish back to back - one stripping, one on the troll. one on olive, the other took the black.
The olive was the hotter fly for the day. I ended up with 4 nice fish to the net, lost 3 others and missed maybe another 1/2 dozen- drive byes. Fish were 16-18 inches and put a nice bend in the rod - had to take them on the reel.
It slowed down for me in the afternoon and I watched two guys dialing it in with indicators and I believe boobies. I've never fished them, nor do I own any boobie flies, so I watched them land some fish. The closest I had were peach/chartreuse/orange colored egg patterns and I had one take down.
it was a good day on the water. I will live thru your reports while I am on the mend and am motivated to be ready for the Spring fishery.

tight lines boys. I'll be back on line by Xmas.

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