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Overall decent at fly tying and starting to work towards new techniques. Spinning deer hair was my first goal and now I'm working at dubbing loops. One issue I keep finding is that my materials seem to get pulled out of the loop even when spun very tightly. I've been using a stick and a small bit of velcro to tease out the trapped fibers but I end up pulling out all the materials. Not really sure what I'm doing wrong... Any advice will be welcomed.
Use dubbing wax. If that doesn't work then use less material.


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could you explain this in more detail please?
Looks like you already got some good replies explaining the technique. The bigger the hook, and especially if you are using a Waddington shank or the likes, the more important this step is. Were you doing this important step?
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After creating the loop, with the bobbin, run your thread around the loop 2x and then secure back to the hook. Creates a tighter mesh point where the two loop threads meet the hook shank. If you're leaving space between the two loop threads (not closing the loop off), you have a gap (possibly) which can create issues
Yeah that makes sense. Will try and report back.

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Adding dubbing was just something that I couldn't get a handle on. Even when I used Bees wax I sucked. One of reasons I quit tying flies. Now my hands shake like I'm in the wind. Besides I kind sucked at tying. I could only tie up a few good flies. Now I just buy a few at a fly shop and use them when I get out.

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