NFR Tips and tricks for camp fires in the wet forest of NW WA?


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If you want to start a fire, put a few Doritos under the kindling and light the Doritos. It works great!


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Gather a bunch of this stuff. Unsea Floridana.

A real kid pleaser, it lights up like human hair soaked in gasoline - smells way better thankfully.
Next - find dry wood. You’ll be able to find some, underneath big logs or overhanging trees. A small hatchet really comes in handy, as splitting the wood goes a long long way in terms of getting the party started.


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Lots of great input. A picked up a nice little hatchet (Schrade $27) and ordered a European Ferro rod (8"). I will make a handle for the rod out of duck tape with shaved magnesium on the sticky side to use as "fire starter". Also some cotton balls soaked in Vaseline and some fat wood sticks. Finding and processing dry (enough) wood will be something that I plan to practice at. Making a fire as quickly and easily as possible with various materials and tools in different kinds of forest and weather, requires both knowledge and practice. It's fun learning new things.

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when I was doing the backpacking thing...ala Ray Jardine(books) I threw a handfull of Fritos or cornchips in a bag for fire starting...


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A Silky Saw with large or extra large teeth will process wood fast. Add a full tang sheath knife for batonning and you're in business.


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In Canada we have Hawkins Cheezies. They burst into flames if you shake the bag. Their sale should be prohibited during fire season.

And as a bonus, the translucent orange film the bags are made of makes a nice body wrap over silver Mylar or Mirage tinsel.

Phil Fravel

Lighter fluid
Presto log
Match light briquettes

oh ya and a lighter

these are my 4 most reliable options

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