FS Another Magrini beauty (handmade Italian vise) SOLD


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It pains me to sell this (and I'm losing a fair bit) but I have to clear some things out.

I imported this early this year before COVID hit Italy. Graziano Magrini built this per my request. Condition is as-new. Great travel vise or if you prefer a c-clamp setup this would make a fantastic primary bench vise. Jaws are blued tool steel, everything else is top quality aluminum, brass or stainless. Fit and finish are second to none. The vise is highly adjustable, holds hooks exceptionally well and has a great materials holder... not bad to look at either. Jaws have grooves for larger hook sizes. I first saw this vise in use by Hans Van Klinken, creater of the Klinhamer special. Comes with wooden box.


IMG_20201206_110121.jpg IMG_20201206_110225.jpg
IMG_20201206_110346.jpg IMG_20201206_110838.jpg IMG_20201206_110929.jpg
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