2021 Intruder Swap


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I’ve only been on this forum for a very short time, but I think y’all have a cool thing going here. I’ve been tying a bunch of intruders lately, and I thought it would be cool to start off 2021 with a swap.

No limit on people. Register by December 25, 2020, mail out your flies no later than January 4th 2021.
Intruder Style flies only
Mash your barbs
Get creative
Send up to 3 flies. Receive the same number back.

To register reply to this thread, and I will DM you address info.
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Dropped mine in the mail. Didn’t have a spare envelope, but I threw in a stamp.

Wanted to send something “shrimpy”, but couldn’t get the ties right. So I settled for something that should work on dark days, mornings, and evenings, with colored-up water.
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I forgot to include a letter with a stamp... That is my fault. Please let me know if I should PayPal you some money.


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