Wolff Atlas vs Renzetti Traveler vs Peak Rotary


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I have a 15 y.o. grandson who has really gotten into fly tying. to the point that he is selling flies to his dad's friends. For Christmas, he wants a new vise. I want to stay around $200 or slightly less. I am intrigued and impressed by what I have learned about the Wolff Atlas, but understand that the Renzetti Traveler is the most widely used vise in the country. The Peak Rotary also falls in that price category. I hope to benefit from the insights of those on this forum regarding the comparative benefits and drawbacks of these three vises. Thanks in advance!
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Not one of your three options but I ended up with a Griffin Montana Mongoose. You can find them for ~$200 online and they come with a bunch of accessories to start (or augment) your tying tool kit.

FWIW I tried out a few vices including the Renzetti Traveler and the Peak rotary and the Griffin was my favorite.


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I really like my Peak Rotary vise. No experience with the others to compare, though.

Nick Clayton

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I did a review of those three vises, plus the Montana Mongoose for my YouTube channel.

For me the winner was the Mongoose. Really nice vise, and a lot of vise for the money. The Traveler was second.

The Peak and Atlas are fine vises, built well and do their job, but IMO they are inferior vises in operation. Not as smooth, too much fiddling to secure hooks etc. Your opinion may vary.


hardcore flyfishing addict
Thanks a lot. I was leaning toward the Traveler, but will now take a serious look at the Mongoose.


hardcore flyfishing addict
I do appreciate your contribution to the thread. I was unfamiliar with the mongoose vise. Your comment caused me to look at it, and when Nick Clayton pointed out that he did a 40 minute review of the 3 vises I asked about and the Mongoose on his Youtube channel, I watched his discussion of the pros and cons of each vise. I think that all of the 4 vises are quite good quality, as Nick pointed out. I am grateful for everybody who has reached out to help me and apologize profusely for coming across as unappreciative.

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