Have you ever made social blunder while on water?


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My old neighbor once upon a time, Walt, was a salty old timer with one arm. Not totally, but a stump just below his elbow. He had a jet sled and was a life long, hardcore fishermen, even worked at a local tackle store. He was fantastic, always helped me out and gave me pointers and we talked fishing and drank beers in the driveway a lot. Finally, after years of talking fishing he finally invited me out for coho on the Snohomish. I was fired up. Anyways, first fish of the day buries his plug and he’s fighting a chrome 10# hot one. I’m marveling how smoothly he reels and manages his rod with his stump. He props the rod under his arm pit and grabs the net and without thinking I yell: “you want a hand Walt??!”

He replied: “if I had one I’d throw you overboard with it.”

He netted the fish in one swoop and swung it in the boat and I’ve never felt so small in my life lol. Total silence for at least an hour.


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My buddy and I often fish out of the boat together and I've been accused more than once of "reckless casting". What I mean by that is zinging the fly dangerously close to others. I mean I feel I'm in total control. You just gotta trust me. Well one time I wasn't and firmly hooked my buddy in the realty soft area under the ear. I thought he was going to try and hit me. I was kinda going to let him. He didn't. This is probably because he needed my help extracting it.


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A buddy and I, while in high school, decided to float the Nehalem River from Spruce Run park to tidewater, where my parents had a cabin. Lots of adventures there, but as we neared the end, we floated on slow water. As we rounded a bend, we noticed something on the beach. As we silently got closer we realized two folks were making love on the beach. We kept quiet as we drifted by, but as we were within 20 yards, they, er, finished. We broke out in applause. The woman seemed unhappy at that, but the guy stood up, still buck naked, and took a bow.

I had a similar occurrence. And ironically not the only occurrence in this location. I was kayaking the upper Tye or top Tye as it's known. There's a drop called Paranoia that has this beautiful flat granite slab overlooking a gorge in the bottom of it. You generally eddy out on the left under it before continuing through the next canyon flume thing. At any rate I have twice encountered what you describe. Once I was undetected as it's really loud in there at the levels it gets kayaked. The other time I was with a larger group and we all noticed. The guy on the rock noticed us and gave us a creepy thumbs up. Shev never knew. I couldn't tell if he was saying, "nice line". Or if it was more a ,"check this out". At any rate it was awkward eye contact.

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Not sure if was mine or his but one morning fishing river left on the Deschutes I stopped at the top of a run and started working my way down. Must have been early September so it was getting warm already by 8. Got about halfway down the run and stumbled across a huge dude, well north of 300lbs, laying on a cot in his tighty whiteys. He had a giant Aire pontoon that was half inflated stuffed into the bushes and a table with a half dozen rifles on it. Super creepy. He just looked over at me and asked how the fishing was. I triple stepped the rest of the run then made sure to walk the tracks back and not look towards the river.
Also made sure not to let my buddy fishing down behind me know what he was in for so he would feel my trauma. You can guess what we call that run now.

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Apparently while on the Cedar a young man I encountered believed I was interested in paying for sexual gratification. I believe to this day that somehow I had led him on in a way and manner that remains oblique/obtuse/ and still ridiculous to me. Smoove Boot does not need to part with his hard earned cash for this sort of thing!

The details of the account are here:

Since I first wrote that, I now realize the second social blunder was the failure to adhere to current fashion standards. Had I a mesh trucker cap and nylon fishing shirt with a bold green plaid pattern or a muted pastel, I might have never encountered such trouble.


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We went for a camping fishing trip on the Naches and had very specific ideas of what we wanted in a camp site. After hours of driving, off roading, stopping, scouting and moving on, we found the perfect spot. Felt like Goldilocks...this ones too soft, this ones too hard...but this one is just right!! Once almost all set up and still amazed it wasnt taken, a family with kids and dogs showed up and was looking at a spot a few hundred feet up....there goes the quiet, the fishing....started an "argument " loudly....they loaded back up and moved on. I didnt think it would work and was mainly doing for us to laugh.... still feel marginally bad about that...if you're on here, accept my apologies!!


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Another time I took my cardigan corgi (big dog, dwarf legs) backpacking. The trail passed by the lake, and I spotted an angler about 2’ from shore but already waist-deep.

“Woah,” I said, “it gets deep fast!”

“Yeah. Cute dog!” he said, “What is it?”

Now, if you’ve ever had a cardigan corgi you know you’re constantly answering 1000 questions about them wherever you go. So, I launched into the well-practiced spiel.

“She’s a Cardigan Corgi. They’re like a regular sized dog, but stumpy legs. In fact...”

Looking at my dog, I didn’t notice that he had stepped out of the lake to come visit her.

“...Corgi literally means dwarf dog...”

I noticed then that the man was himself an actual honest-to-goodness dwarf.

What do I do? I hurriedly wondered. Do I keep going? I would for anyone else. Do I treat him differently because he has dwarfism? Apparently I chose the third, previously unknown, option; make it waaaay more awkward.

“...so she thinks she’s a big dog, and tries to do all of the big dog things, but she’s not. Her legs are so stumpy she can hardly swim—she can barely even walk in the water ‘cause her legs are so short. It’s funny because she makes even puddles look deep.”
My first dog, Patches, was a mutt. Terrier of some kind, and who knows what else.. she lived until 19 or so and was our childhood dog! We took her to Georgia and Hawaii (she was quarantined for 3 months in Hawaii before we could take her home) and back here to Issaquah!

I got tired of answering what she might be, so at some point in my teens would tell most people I ran into that she was 100% pure bred mutt! I would get these confused looks and just smile and laugh as I told them I really didn't know. Some would just walk away and I never said another thing or said anything as they walked away.. not fishing, but I do have a fishing story or two where my Keeshond Cody buried a very small barbless fly in the palm of my hand as I just got it tied on!

That and when I would try and take him fishing and tie him up, he would sit and whine! When I let him roam, he would sit at the edge of the water and whine or wander off!

Great dog, just not a fishing dog! Plus he would hang out with me at All About the Fly and blow up the place with some methane! More than once we would all go out, and I would hear something like "your damn dog!".. Ron, Brian and others can attest to that as I learned to tie and build rods up at AATF!

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