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Went after the elusive SRC this morning. The tides were a little better this week so I thought I better get to it. Still no love from the trout. Seems its been a while since I've landed one. Usually my neighborhood beach is good right now,, according to my log, but nothing near me has been producing. So I got my lazy butt up early and drove up past Shelton to a beach I've only hiked on in the past. So down the trail I go to the beach and it was still pretty tight to the forest. Damn a high, low tide. Well thank God for our resi-silvers. They saved the day with several to hand. Glad to report that they are starting to get pretty chunky. I like em! A soft strike a good fight, especially when they charge at you. I thought one was trying to jump into my net as it screamed around my body. Well, someday I'll get that sneaky SRC but until then a resi will do just fine...

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Will give that a try next time. Pretty sure at least one of us tried every fly color/shape, strip pattern, depth.


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Silvers tend to be farther out, offshore than cutts. Bomb it out there. They were taking a slowish strip. They strike soft like hitting a piece of seagrass. If you feel anything, even just some tension on the line, strip set. Silver, pink and chartreuse work...think small in the Winter..


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Went back out for more punishment. Tried every one of these suggestions to no avail. Another day...
I can attest to the unending fly changes with frozen fingers, and the level of effort put forth today, all for naught!
Although fg could have mentioned that her fishing partner got a nice one on the 2nd cast of the day on this...but zip for the next 6 hours ;)

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