Area #13 report


Indi Ira
WFF Supporter
Ira, tell me more about this indicator setup. I imagine similar to your lake setup?

Fairly similar, but I’ve honestly only found a few perfect opportunities to make it work. When it does though, it has out produced other methods.

I’m still relatively new to the whole sea run rezzies thing. Give me a few more years and I’ll figure the indicator game out with a bunch of patterns for it :)

Gary Knowels

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My beach rod doubles as my indicator rod. I had an orange balanced leach and indicator still strung up from the last lake trip. I almost tossed it out there today just for fun.


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I've had a little success using a 3/4" thingamabobber, 4' leader and a Squimp with beadhead. Wave action is important. To large, can't follow it. Calm water, meh. Coho chop, just right. The thing to wrap around your head is you're using vertical action, the bobber bobbing up and down, instead of horizontal stripping action. It makes for a nice brake when your arm gets tired from casting constantly...

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