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Yes I ordered a blank of eBay when I was starting down the bamboo road, I had warped over 100 modern rods ,the cane was a little rough needing some sanding the ferrels were already on and not straight the blank to a heavy set on the first outing so not the best but I wasn’t hoping for the best so overall not to disappointing but will not do again have since bought from several USA makers with no problems hope this helps


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I have not ordered one from China. There are some reasonable made in the US blanks on ebay from time to time. Rods that are 7 to 7 1/2' are higher priced that 8 to 9' rods. Nine feet is longer than I would go except for maybe a steelhead rod. Also if you look there are some rods that fly under the radar -

Heddon made some great rods, they are known to have the ferrels become loose and break. Not a huge deal and fairly easy to fix. But if buying on make sure the ferrels are tight and do not click. An 8 1/2' 2F fly rod for a 6wt modern line are great fishing rods and can be had in good condition from $200-300 range.

Southbend 290 or 291can be had reasonable. I had a nice one and it was a great casting rod. Can sometimes be had for less.
SOUTH BEND 290 7'6" BAMBOO FLY ROD | Classic Flyfishing Tackle

Here is a US made rod for a pretty good deal - I don't know the maker but seems looks decent from the photos.
Nice Starter Bamboo Rod For Sale - The Classic Fly Rod Forum

Orvis rods with two sections and one tip can be very good rods, They Impregnated and do not have varnish except for the wraps. Fairly durable and can be had under $400, there are a couple of two tip rods for under $450 on ebay.
Orvis Madison 7.5' 3 5/8 oz - The Classic Fly Rod Forum

You can find a Granger or Wright McGill (same rods WM buying Granger) in a 8642 for a 5 wt maybe a 6wt for around $450 on a good day.

Stay away from any older rod made in Japan that comes in a wooden box. They were sold to US servicemen after WWII and may look nice but usually not fishable.

Good luck in the search



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Hi @jmmakus - welcome to the forum. Walla Walla, huh? You might reach out to one of the forum members who lives down your way (eh MG?). What's your budget? I presume, from your post, you're looking for a rod that's complete and ready for use? Any interest in modifying one of those older rods made in Japan or wrapping one yourself? There's a half dozen or more superbly talented builders and modifiers on the forum who have generously aided at least one old hillbilly: NFR - Post WWII Bamboo conversion to a "shorty" - need advice | Washington Fly Fishing

Try the search function on this site, you'll find a lot of information on bamboo. Good luck in your search.



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My first one is a Headwater 4/5, a Chinese blank, but I love it and it was under $300 when I bought it on sale! My second fishing boo rod I bought off a member, a seven footer, and I love it! Got a great deal and he worked within my budget!

I have a 9' rod that I rebuilt and refinished, but it's so slow and heavy compared to the other two, so I'll make a shadow box and display it. I have fished it, and enjoyed it, but have two trout rods to use anytime I want and a nice old Orvis (English made) reel and lines that work on both rods! One line is a 5wt DT and the other a very old silk line. It needs a little love, the silk line but does cast and fishes great! I actually have another old reel for the newest rod, or for the Headwater.. a collector, never stops collecting!!

I'll take some pictures and post in the Bamboo section when I get them all together.


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Hello, I live in WW too. Wish I had your answers but I don't. I bought a used 6wt cortland 444 bamboo rod and matching multiplier off ebay several years ago and really like it. I was doing that new bamboo rod hunting last winter and spring, looking used, imported (Headwaters) ect. But the forum members got me turned on to the euro-nymph style this summer and I became hooked (so to speak) so I got a rod for that. Good luck with your search.


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My first was a Headwaters=still fish it. I have about 20 cane rods now=4-5 Grangers (including 2 W & M Grangers), 4-5 Phillipson, one Edwards, a Pennington (nice rod!), and some others. My Grangers and Phillipsons (best in my opinion) were mostly in the $300-$400 range. Bit of advice: Buy a rod with 2 tips=I haven't broken one (yet)!

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Anglers Roost.


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I prefer to fish vintage cane, but when the Zhu Chinese rods first became available on eBay several years ago I couldn't resist and bought a 7ft 4wt rod. I think its this same guy who makes the Headwaters rods. The price back then was around $80, shipped. The rod was a huge surprise and fished very well and still holds its place in my bamboo rod rotation. The stripping guide is a little chintzy but it works just fine, and for the cost I'm not complaining. I wish I could say Zhu's silk lines were as good.



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I just realized that the original poster did his message on Dec. 13th and never bothered to reply to any of these responses. Why do I even bother? I need to remember to completely read these threads before replying.

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