Surf perch, Rockfish?

Willie Bodger

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Has anybody had any luck with (or even tried to find) surf perch in the north sound area, from say Richmond Beach to Mukilteo? I went fishing with my neighbor this morning and he said he's seen some nice lings in the dive area next to the Edmonds ferry, but I wonder about structure for those kinds of fish (ling cod, rock fish) and the appearance of surf perch elsewhere near my 'home waters'. Thanks for any info.


Matt Burke

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I believe that eventually our Salmonid runs will die off from over harvest, loss of habitat, global warming, etc. and freshwater fishing will totally suck. I’m not into Carp and blue gill suck too. We should all take up Bass fishing anyway or…go deeper in the salt. So fishing for Salmon was just the start of exploring the salt for me. I think that Rockfish, Lingcod and anything else you can think of on the fly is our last great resource.

I don’t really know spit about it. I’ve heard about rockfish off the Jetty at Shilshole. I would imagine you would need a lot of structure like that. Rocky coastline seems to be the ticket. There are some new pics in the Gallery from a few guys that went out to Neah Bay.

I have a boat that I need to work on and I have every intention of exploring other species in the salt. I have to get it licensed and WA state numbers and pass a coastguard inspection if I can ever find serial numbers on the trailer and boat. But when it’s up and running, that is all I want to do. Fishing the beach line from a boat is going to be the ticket. I’m sure it can be done. I know of just a few that do. That leaves plenty of new frontiers and exploration for us folks.

There is so much to learn you could write several books on what we don’t know.

BTW, I only know of surf perch out on the coast line. I can just imagine what is left to be explored out at Ocean Shores, Grayland. But north of there, where it gets really rocky up to the whale killers at the Cape, has got to be holding massive unkown fisheries on the fly.

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