Grandma's Trout


Retired, gone fishin'
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This trout hung on the wall of my grandmothers home since before my earliest memories.
When she passed I inherited it and later tied the flys and put it in the shadow box.
My grandmother was an avid and accomplished angler in her time.
She was well known for her steelhead fishing, often catching more than her male cohorts.
Pic; Grandma on the Nooksack.
She was born Frances Race in 1907 at Race Lagoon on Whidbey Island.
Her family was a prominent pioneer family in the Coupville area arriving in 1876.
They had a farm at the head of Race Lagoon and hunted, fished, and dug clams to provide meat for the family.
Photo; Grandma age 16 with her Dad.
Grandma dug clams well into her 70's at the lagoon.
Her uncle Puget Race had the drug store in Coupeville which was reported to be the only drug store between Coupeville and Seattle at the time. 20201215_143045.jpg
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Mom fishing in Saratoga Passage off Race Lagoon in the 1950's.
Grandma shortly before she moved on to the great fishing hole up above.
I was fortunate to be part of her family.


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Great story Fred.
Looks like your grandmother was a real go getter. I really like all the old pics and family history.

Puget Race....Damn cool name!


Retired, gone fishin'
WFF Supporter
Great story Fred.
Looks like your grandmother was a real go getter. I really like all the old pics and family history.

Puget Race....Damn cool

Fred - Amen to what Brian says, great story and wonderful photographs. I guess it's no wonder you enjoy the outdoors and fishing!
I guess it's in my DNA Pat.
My Grandma was nuts about fishing.
My Grandpa Fred enjoyed it from time to time but could take it or leave it.
I fell off Grandma's side of the tree.
They went to Sekiu often and had a boat stored at Fisherman's Cove boathouse at
Gooseberry Pt. that they fished the San Juan Islands with, mostly Pt. Lawrence.
After Grandpa retired they moved from Bellingham to Lake Samish.Of course Grandma had her 12' aluminum boat with outboard and made life miserable for the cutthroat and kokanee in Samish.
Winter would find her down at the Samish or at the Ritter bar on the Nooksack plunking. She had a backpack and camp stool and would bring her lunch and crossword puzzles to the river to
occupy her time while plunking for steelhead. Grandpa stayed home and stayed warm.
The last time she steelhead fished was with me at Dakota Creek in Whatcom County on the day of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. I believe she caught a dark little hen that day but now I'm to old to remember for sure lol.

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