FS 2 vises, a base, and a gimball

Nick Clayton

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Freeing up space and getting rid of some unused stuff.

Dyna King Ultimate Indexer pedestal vise. Amazing vise, especially for large hooks. Tons of room at the vise head. Very comfortable to tie on. Very little use, jaws are like new. Few small glue spots on the base.


20201217_092313.jpg 20201217_092328.jpg 20201217_092323.jpg

Renzetti Presentation 2300

Really impressive vise. If I didn't have a Master I wouldn't dream of selling this one. Similar to the Traveler but more adjustable. Pedestal vise.

Nearly brand new. Less than 100 flies tied on it. Comes with box and unregistered warranty card.


20201217_091549.jpg 20201217_091615.jpg 20201217_091643.jpg 20201217_092038.jpg

CE Tech base and tool caddy.

I have 2 of these. Only need 1. I use one on my Master and its the nicest base system I've ever used. I love the tool caddy. Nearly new. 1 small chip out of the cork.


Add the base and caddy to either vise for $100

20201217_092217.jpg 20201217_092210.jpg 20201217_091444.jpg

Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis Gimbal.

Brand new. Never used. Ive owned it for 2 years and never taken it out of its case. Was very highly reviewed when I bought it while planning to take more video with my big cameras.


20201217_091123.jpg 20201217_091138.jpg

PayPal preferred.

Add 15 dollars for shipping.
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Huge Fly Guy
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Shit, that CE base is calling out to my HMH. I'm gonna have to think long and hard about that one.

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