Odd question; Can you use a spey rod with a centerpin reel?

I'm with you on this one spend the few bucks and get the proper rod, you'll thank everyone later. It may work but taping a reel to a rod just looks "mickey mouse" and cheap. A new rod isn't all that expensive and will save you a lot of grief later..
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I should have added that I was doing this to try out centerpin fishing to see if it is something I liked enough to buy a rod. For me I will continue taping...

Also I say if you want to experiment go for it. Don’t overthink it.


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I use hockey tape on my raven steelheader with cork/rings. I noticed that it doesn't mark up the cork as nearly as bad as electrical tape.

If OP has a 7 or 8 weight switch rod, I'd actually recommend using that to try first. it's easier to do a swing cast with a shorter rod.

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