Your Favorite Gear Of All Time

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Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Buck’s Bag South Fork. Once I got the oar extensions, good went to great.

Powell LL 945. 30 years old, still my rod.
I can't throw mine away...valve leak also 30 years old-ish maybe older...Bucks Bag Mustang...Has not been used in a decade...or more...Fish Cats are what I have now... That Bucks bag is/was amazing...but I sat lower in the water in it...which is good and bad. One thing I will was a lot easier to land steelhead and salmon in when going for a Nantucket Sleighride at Drano.


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I started beach fishing in 1999 and used a Loomis IMX 7wt 10ft 2 piece that I had built several years earlier for steelhead. That rod was the best beach fishing rod of all the ones I’ve cycled through since then.

At the time I had it paired with a Redington AL 7/8 with a Rio Aqualux 8wt throwing pink and white craft fur clousers for pinks - good times.

Driftless Dan

Driftless Dan
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My first graphite rod is still my favorite of all time. In the mid to late 80's I decided I could trade up from my 7'6" 6wt Eagle Claw. I was at the annual Portland Sportsman's Show perusing the goods, and noticed a bin of rods in the corner. One of the employee made these in his spare time. The one I picked was only 7'8", and the only writing said "Chalk stream." I was assured that it was a 4wt. It was a 2-piece. I loved that rod and caught many fish with it. The butt section shattered in 2013, stupid me, trying to yard out a fly from a tree across the stream. I mourn to this day.


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My Steffen Brothers 8'6" 8wt glass. This morning, mr. Steelhead reminded me just how much I enjoy fishing it. For trout, I also have a Steffen Bros. 8' 5/6 that you'll have to pry from my cold, dead hands

My gen1 Outcast's my tiger musky slayer.


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Paul Young Parabolic 15

Scott G 8'8" 3 wt 3 piece

Charlton 8500 SS .8

Peerless #2 & #3 reels


Wife of 52 years (consultant...can I.....yes/no.....ok???)

The friends I've made fishing.

The road to and from those friends, the discovery aspect

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