Your Favorite Gear Of All Time


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Any waders I had that didn't leak.
All the walking sticks picked up off a beach that kept me from falling in the river more than I did without them.
My versatile 20' Fishcraft that gets me
river rishing, lake fishing, crabbing etc.

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My Outcast 9' pontoon boat, I love that little craft. Absolutely one of my best purchases ever.
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The war room. Nuff said.
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I really don't have a favorite rod/reel combo. I have many (too many) and my favorite is the one I'm using at the time depending on the species.

Also my cell phone. It keeps me on WFF whenever I want to be, takes great pictures of all my wandering and adventures and gives me a feeling of reassurance in my golden years whilst traipsing about hither and yon. :)
Luv that desk, how can you ever pry yourself away from it.. :p

David Loy

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The problem with being a long time dedicated gear whore is you get to too many choices. I keep circling back and forth, f’ing with stuff more than using it. Not the worst problem, but kind of an unexpected problem nonetheless. I have a few favorite rods, probably top of the list being an Epic 686 fiberglass, and out of a closet full of carry shit probably a Filson strap vest. I’ll stop there, but the choices are different for small streams or saltwater.

Ian Horning

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Ross Flyrise II reel, 100 bucks... first fly reel I bought. Die cast frame but with the same drag as other Ross models. I've had it for five years now, beat the shit out of it and the spare spool. It's never had any problems and functionally hasn't changed one bit after being jarred around, dunked in the salt, and landing who knows how many fish. My other reels? Not so, and they all cost more.

I'm a big fan of the Airflo 40+ lines. It's stupid how easy they are to cast and how far they fly. Whether launching a 5 inch fly 100 feet into a coastal wind or delivering a soft hackle 100 feet across a broad tidewater slough... the 40+ is a great tool that greatly expands the water I can fish, and makes it easy to do so.

A bead with a size 6 gama hook.
Just kidding.

White streamers (with a little olive) of any and all kinds!

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