Fishing with PJsea


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Got to guide PJsea for a day at Waikaloa Beach, A-bay. Water was pretty murky from recent wave action. PJ got some really small papio. Then we hit my spot when the tide came down and he got this decent papio that put up a good fight. He got a couple of nice weke, goat fish, but got messed up on impossibles, yellow finned surgeon fish. Living up to their name they popped him off twice on the first run, but he was impressed by their speed and strength. Super nice guy and his son is a pretty avid fisherman as well. It was a fun day and my first guided trip since the pandemic.

Went offshore yesterday with Bob, and were blessed with this nice sunrise and relatively calm waters. It has been winter swells for the past week. Hit a buoy and got 5 mahi and some small ahi.

Filled the cooler and should have some fresh fish for Christmas. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. Shouldn't be hard to beat 2020.

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