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I've been fishing a Snoqualmie tributary for the last few days and have caught a bunch of whitefish, but no trout. Earlier in the year, I caught trout, but no whitefish. Below are the flies I have caught fish on, over the last few days.

#18 pheasant tail nymph - 5 fish
#10 hares ear nymph - 1 fish
#10 3xl black stonefly nymph - 3 fish

Does anyone have any theories about why I'm not getting any trout? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

I thought I might be fishing too deep, so I fished lighter flies. However, that didn't seem to make much difference; I just stopped catching any fish at all.

I would usually only fish slower water this time of year, but I covered all the water just in case the trout were holding elsewhere. Again, that seemed to make no difference; all the whitefish were caught in slower sections and I didn't get any takes in other areas.
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On our Crooked River tailwater here in OR, whitefish tend to school up: catch one, catch a lot. In December, whitefish spawn by broadcasting their eggs in riffly water. When this happens, the trout are not far behind and below!

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there, fixed it for ya!
That's your opinion but whitefish are objectively easier to catch.. never a need to match the hatch or have good presentation..
Washington streams have low populations of whitefish.. wanna catch whitefish, go to Montana, their streams actually have bug populations to feed them
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That's your opinion but whitefish are object lyrics easier to catch.. never a need to match the hatch or have good presentation..
Going back to the day I wanted to bring home some whitefish to smoke, and ended up catching 18 stupid trout, I would have to disagree. Either species can be simple or nearly impossible to catch depending on the day.


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good work, @Rob Allen . You've successfully managed to argue about the difficulty (or lack thereof) of catching one of the two easiest fish to catch in the world. (yes, trout & those ubiquitous long-fin grayling whitefish).

Strong work.

I hope that your 2021 fishing season is as successful as your facts opinions presented.

seriously though, I hope that you have a good 2021. Cheers mate!

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