Any one well versed on airflo 40+ expert clear intermediate head lines?


So recently picked up 2 of these in 7wt and 8wts from the auction site and there are a few things about the lines that don't give me great vibes and one in particular makes me wonder if I've received counterfeit lines. Both came on/in what seem to be legit spools and boxes.

1) the lines were a mess on the spool... No way they could have come that way from the factory? ... I have over a dozen airflo lines and all have been nearly and cleanly wound on the spool. One of the spools actually had a wide rubber band on the spool... Bazaar.
2) one of the lines had some sections (running and clear head) that were stuck together. Easy to pull apart but again, I've never had any line let alone an airflo line come remotely close to sticking together. Note no sticking after initial separation.
3) and most concerning, there no ridges anywhere on either line (running or clear head).

As these specific models are not sold in NA I purchased them from the UK. I have initiated a return and reached out to airflo in the UK to see if they have any thoughts.

I'm not sure if the vendor I purchased from is an authorized dealer but I have reached out to another in the UK who I believe is and will repurchase from them if I these lines aren't what they should have been.

So, anyone out there with these lines or have any thoughts?



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When Airflo discontinued the fast intermediate 40+ lines with clear heads, I bought some from the UK that didn’t have ridge running lines.
What I was told is they had clear heads left over so they did a run to use up the heads using non ridge running lines. They had the black sleeve connecting the head to the running line just like the original. They also came in a different box but were on the spools perfectly.
The original had a yellow ridge running line.
The ones I bought had white and flesh colored running lines.

Whether that was true or not, I’m not sure but that is what the dealer told me and what I received looked exactly like what he described. They were inexpensive and fished well. I still have one or two of them.
This was also quite a few years ago and Airflo offered some different lines in the UK versus the US.
That may still be true today even with the change of ownership to Mayfly.
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I've had the "sticking" issue with one airflo head (I think it was a FIST head). It only stuck to itself originally when I was taking it off the original spool. After it was spooled up onto the bougle it didn't stick anymore. Wondering if it had gotten too hot while in storage or shipping...either way, wasn't an issue after that.


Thank you stonefish and LRS for sharing your experience. it seems the 2 lines are clearly from different production runs as they do feel a different. The colours are also not quite the same but I really don't care much about that (but surprising that they don't have colour recipes... Perhaps a supply chain variation thing?)

The seller has been very responsive, assured me that the lines are authentic, offered a full refund (although I'd be out the return shipping) if I didn't want to send them back to airflo, and also connected directly with the airflo rep responsible for UK sales to forward my experience and is awaiting his response. So really the seller has been fantastic and I have no doubt I'll get taken care of either way.

I also heard back from the other dealer who indicated that the expert lines do not have ridges anywhere and no loops and that has not been clear in any marketing writeups I've been able to find.

So other than being messy and some bleeding of the optic green into clear head of one of them where it should be clear it seems like what I recieved was legit.

Anyway, I'm going to unspool them and have a closer look from end to end as I don't see any black sleeve but rather what looks like gradual transition form optic green to clear... Fingers crossed.

Thanks again for your input.

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