Sockeye Salmon on the Fly


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I've caught chinook, silvers, chum and humpies on flies. I would really like to catch at least one sockeye to complete the northwest salmon slam.
Haven't you caught beaucoup Kokanee on a fly?


I read somewhere that sockeye are tougher to connect with on any kind of gear because of what is their main quarry while in the ocean. Krill was the number one food I believe.

Nick Clayton

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I'm firmly in the springer camp myself, when it comes to eating salmon. Next to that, winter blackmouth, resident coho, and then ocean coho. I haven't eaten a ton of sockeye in my life but I've eaten it here and there. Definitely wouldn't ever turn up my nose at it, but I've never been blown away by it either.

bk paige

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I find winter black mouth to be as bland as winter steelhead.

1 spring Chinook
2 June summer Steelhead, not all cut the same but bright glowing red meat ones are mouth watering delicious!
3 ocean Chinook
4 Coho


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I've been told that most sockeye caught in freshwater are flossed. Saltwater fish are still feeding and readily take. But once in freshwater this shuts down. Some likely do bite as an agressive response but watching the techniques of the gear chuckers using long leaders and bouncing betties they know what they're doing. I don't want to start any argument but 35 years of fisheries enforcement has sort of made me somewhat opinionated.


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They call it 'Flippin' Reds' up in that part of Alaska as I remember.
Although when I was on the Kanektok they seemed to hit them on the swing, so it's hard to know when there's so many coming in at once.
Good eats though...

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