Advice sought for stillwater fly box


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Mind sharing a picture of the antistatic? Just got a shipment of antistatic bags, looking for some patterns to tie with it. Sorry to hijack the thread.
And I'm hijacking the author you asked the question of. Kind of funny - I was introduced to the "static bag" by a fellow from Logan Lake, little did I know it was "antistatic" - here are a couple that I've tied and fished in the Kamloops area:
P5310002.JPG P5310003.JPG
This bottom fly is olive thread under the antistatic bag ribbed with small red ultrawire - it has fished really well for me with the silvered clear bead on several BC lakes, all within a 50 mile radius of Kamloops.


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After reading through this it should be obvious that a good fly fisherman can catch fish on damned near anything. All of the guys I fish with have their favorite patterns as do I and none of us seem to use the same thing yet we all catch fish. All of the suggestions made here are good but you don't need to carry them all to be successful. You can have the best fly in the world but if you are fishing it on an intermediate line and the fish are at 18' it is just about worthless. To me lines are more important than patterns since fish feed on such a variety of organisms. Sure, if their is a callibaetis hatch going on I'll try to match it but by and large I stick to about 5 different patterns that all seem to catch fish.

Don't overthink it, carrying too many flies just adds to confusion and changing flies constantly erodes your fishing time.


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Well, since @Travis Bille showed up and isn’t tooting his own horn, I will toot it for him;)

Sometimes you want to throw out something big and meaty. Something to find out who’s around and hungry. The DMP is that something!


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For a searcher fly big dragonfly nymphs work very well for me. a big olive Carey does a pretty good job, but I find the deer hair style fish I shed on a type 5 or 6 line like a Boobie is even better. Look up gomphus fly pattern.


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I have had the most success with buggers, Carey specials, and Rickard's AP nymphs in stillwaters. I have never fished chironomids, but plan to do so. I also plan to tie up some baggie scuds and Rickard's stillwater nymphs.


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Lots of great suggestions that you should have in your fly box.
That said, I think @IveofIone hit the nail on the head with various lines and fishing the proper depth.
To that I'll add style of retrieve on a given day can make all of the difference in success.
While on the water, I always communicate with my fishing buddies on fly type, size, and color along with depth fished or sink rate of line. At that point I'll key on the depth but rarely use the same fly until I rule out other possibilities that might be as or even more successful.


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For entertainment & instruction try “Friday night fly’s “ and Dave Mcphail at The Global FlyFisher. He will challenge you to tie a really nice fly. Read the posts from the guys here.

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Smells like low tide.
For a searcher fly big dragonfly nymphs work very well for me. a big olive Carey does a pretty good job, but I find the deer hair style fish I shed on a type 5 or 6 line like a Boobie is even better. Look up gomphus fly pattern.
Years ago, I received a couple of those from you in a fly swap, and they were killer casting out over dropoffs (from my craft anchored just back fro the edge) into the depths, and stripping them back.
I also had a couple of dragon nymphs that I'd purchased at Waters West that were sure fire.
Another lake pattern that proved to be phenomenal was the Six Pack. Gary Knowles gave me a few.
These two flies fished well just off the bottom in a local stocker pond on the Olympic Peninsula, working the dropoffs.
Of course, for chasing rise rings with a floating line ...I would never be without some Black Gnats for fishing "damp" in the film.
I never really got into chironomid fishing....was gonna do so around the time my health problems began to surface and I took an extended break from fishing.

I need to find a taker for about 90% of my fly tying materials, after I sort out what I want to keep for tying simple lake flies and maybe a few Reversed Spiders and soft hackle caddis for the local tidal creeks.


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I have also posted this on fly tying forum. I have moved back to Oregon this year. As my balance is not quite so good, I thought that I would try stillwater fishing from a float tube or kayak. I have both.

I have fished for stillwater trout before and have had great success with Woolly Buggers, Rickard's AP nymph, and Carey Specials. The Carey Specials seem to be my best fly.

I am trying to put together one large fly box for lakes. Please list flies that you think I should include in the box. I know that I am including a few midges, some scuds Rickard's stillwater nymph, and the flies listed above. I will probably include the standard PT and GRHE
I would add Winkler Leather Balanced Leach


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