Advice sought for stillwater fly box

Old Trout11

New Member
I have also posted this on fly tying forum. I have moved back to Oregon this year. As my balance is not quite so good, I thought that I would try stillwater fishing from a float tube or kayak. I have both.

I have fished for stillwater trout before and have had great success with Woolly Buggers, Rickard's AP nymph, and Carey Specials. The Carey Specials seem to be my best fly.

I am trying to put together one large fly box for lakes. Please list flies that you think I should include in the box. I know that I am including a few midges, some scuds Rickard's stillwater nymph, and the flies listed above. I will probably include the standard PT and GRHE
I think you are going to need more than one box.

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