FS OPST lines and heads

Justin mitchell

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OPST commando head 150 grain 12 ft long, used half a day.
OPST commando head 270 grain 13.5 ft long, spooled but not used
OPST commando head 325 grain 15 ft long, opened but not used
OPST commando head 375 grain 15 ft long, opened but not used
Commando floating tip 50 grain 10 ft long, used half day
Commando sink tip 80 grain run series 10 ft, opened but not used
Commando tip 60 grain bucket series 7.5 ft, not opened
Commando floating tip 55 grain 7.5 ft opened but not used
OPST laser line pink 50 lbs test new
Asking $160 shipped in the US, will not separate, postal money order or check, no PayPal


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