Whidbey Island - Report


Tamer of Trouts
Fished Bush pt on Saturday during the incoming tide for pinks. Didn't catch any saw one guy hook one from the bank and numerous boats just outside of casting reach were catching a few here and there. This was my first time fishing the beaches and it was kind of fun eventhough I didn't catch anything. Any tips? I was using an intermediate sink tip and fishing pink ESL's and a pink shrimp pattern that I was told was the ticket. I usually do awesome on my first time out trying new things here in Washington and then it is all downhill from there. First time out for steelhead I hooked and landed two (haven't hooked another since), first time out for coho's hooked 4 and brought one to hand, first time out for chums hooked 6 and brought 2 to hand.

Josh, I have not been up to Whidbey this summer yet, but my experience with pinks in the Sound has been that the bite for beach fishermen is before first light, and dies off as soon as the sun comes up. By 7:30 a.m. I'm in my car going home. While a pod may come back close enough to shore later, the best bet is to be rigged up and waiting for tailing or jumping fish before it's light enough to tie on a fly without a headlamp. After sun rise, go deeper: I use a sink tip and small bead headed fly. Use anything pink, but it should be a sparse tie, size 4 - 8. Hope that helps.

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