Question: How do you Care for Breathable Jackets and Breathable Waders?


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I've tried to wash my gortex jackets before, but I just don't do that anymore. Seems every time I did they would spring leaks which to me was worse than being stinky and dirty.


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Wish I could force myself to be equally conscientious about what keeps me dry.
It's not like I do nothing at all. When my waders spring a leak, I locate the leak and apply a dab of Aqua Seal and let it dry, and then get back to business. I just don't bother with washing my waders and rain coats. That is just counter intuitive to me. They get "washed" by the act of wearing my waders while wading in rivers and wearing my rain coat when it rains. I never occurred to me that washing something in the washing machine that gets washed in the simple act of wearing it for its designed purpose makes sense.


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i think back then we had a front loading washing machine. we got sick of it after a few years of smelly seals and tossed it for another old fashioned top loader which we currently have.
We've used front loaders for several decades and leaving the door ajar when not in use has kept the funk away.


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I think if I had the type of waders that I would need a co-signer to buy I would pamper those bitches like nobody has ever seen before! But I buy cheaper waders, usually used or discontinued, and keep a stable of a half dozen or more and don't worry about 'em. All waders leak eventually and it's the price of admission.

Joshua L

The only time I’ve washed my waders was before sending in for repairs. I did the warm water bathtub method with borax soap. To afraid to put them in a machine...

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