Is this the future of fishing (vlogging)?

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It's one thing to make (or watch) a video that helps me learn to spey cast or fish a 2-fly dropper rig. It's completely different to watch a video where the GoPro is mounted on the helmet and the guy is talking the whole time and filling his bucket with little surf perch or planted trout and everyone can tell where he is fishing. I hate those and I find them very irritating. However, from some of the previous responses here, and from the high number of followers those yayhoos collect, I may be in the minority. Maybe it's related to where we are on our lifetime fishing journey, individually? There was a time when I filled my bucket with little surfperch or planted trout. Thankfully, that was many years ago.


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My wife bought me a GoPro because she read one x-mas every fisherman needs one. I have only used it to film fish while snorkeling a few times.

I don’t necessarily care if people want to film themselves fishing and post it on YouTube. Whatever floats your boat and more power to those who are actually making a living off it. Fishing shows are nothing new and that’s all these really are. Self produced fishing shows. Some put a lot of time in filming and more importantly editing and are good but the bulk of them are bad. The one thing that will annoy me (besides blatant rule violations) is hotspotting, especially sensitive fisheries. That’s not new to YouTube vloggers though. The same thing applies to fishing shows, magazines, podcasts and WFF forum posts as well.

When I do watch them, I never watch fly fishing related ones which is odd. I always watch stuff I don’t do myself. Like bass fishing, offshore stuff etc.. Not sure why. Maybe sub consciously looking for my next fishing related journey.


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I just got a new go-pro. Never had one.
Me too. I'm looking forward to the hindsight feature. If you have hindsight on, the camera will add the previous 15 or 30 seconds of video to the current recordings that you just started. This seems like a great feature (but a drain on the camera batteries) to capture unpredictable events, such as a fish strike.
I doubt that this will proceed to a blog (but you never know), but I do like taking photographs of my fishing (and other) adventures and this seemed like a way to take it further.


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In the end though the real moron is me, because I watch them
I'm glad that you recognize the problem. Which is having social media feeds. Exactly zero vlogs show up in my social media feeds because - guess why? - I don't have any social media feeds. Of course this means I live a life of doubt among the "pics or it didn't happen" crowd. My little digital camera has been sitting on my desk for the last few days because I needed to upload photos of some documents. So with the camera there instead of with me, did I, or did I not, go fishing yesterday? Since I know I will be spending a considerable portion of today drying out gear, I don't need any photos to remind me of the "wounded pride" of having tripped over a rock and shipping water into my waders, or remembering my decision yesterday morning while donning uniform, that, "Naw, I don't need the wader belt today."

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