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I have a Scadden Avenger XX (framed 12'). I have been contemplating getting a small gas outboard in order to be able to move around on medium sized rivers. This would allow me to get out more often and not have to coordinate shuttles and more flexibility on the river. I originally was thinking electric but in the end the gas outboard seems easier and more practical. Anyone have any experience with something similar?

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You will not run back up any riffles so will have to do a shuttle, I would go electric though.


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Look before you leap. Modern battery technology is progressing so fast, batteries are smaller, lighter and more powerful than we dreamed possible a few years back. The use of PWM circuitry on trolling motors means more efficient use of battery power with the attendant result of longer battery life. Quiet renewable power with no smell.

I think there are some very small gas powered outboards available but in all likelihood there are going to be 2-stroke to keep the weight down. A small 2-stroke-almost by definition-means noisy and smelly.


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I had a Scadden Outlaw X5 with a 6hp Nissan gas outboard. Pushed me around pretty good. IMHO it wouldn't be a good option in any serious moving water.


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An X5 with a 6hp, I would have never thought that'd pair up. Gas would def be noisier and more smelly. Still seems like multiple options are out there, I was hoping to get multiple options stripped down to 1 option to make it easy on me.


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An X5 with a 6hp, I would have never thought that'd pair up. Gas would def be noisier and more smelly.
That is actually me in my X5 at the beginning of this YouTube Video.
*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Dave Scadden.

Scadden has run an 8hp Yamaha on the X5.

It might work for you?
Running the South Fork of Snake River with outboard. Starts at 1:35 minute point in video.
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I have a 2hp Honda 4 stroke that I run on my fishcat weighs 27 lbs and runs all day with no tank needed The current model weighs a little more at 30 lbs ....... not sure what they have done to improve it and add 3lbs ....... mind you I only use this on bigger lakes more as a safety valve for when the weather changes suddenly
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As far as the shuttles...Most medium sized rivers around here are still going to require a shuttle unless you go with a jet. What is the goal? Is it to be able to fish a run multiple times like in the Scadden video?
Just a note about that...if done when nobody else is around no big deal. If done on a busy river (boats or shore anglers) it's really not cool. It's not even cool to drag your boat back up by rowing or walking it. Just ask anyone that fishes the Klickitat or other rivers where guides beat up a run like 3 times. Very annoying to everyone else involved.
It would be a pretty sweet setup on the lower rivers though. Searuns & salmon slayer.


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@skyriver that's a great callout. I've always been very much a traditionalist and convention and very much believe in river etiquette to the best of my understanding of it.

The river has numerous guided large 20 ft + jet sleds with 200hp whatevers. They are primarily fish from the boat type of people.

It's not a great river for road fishing and I want to be able to just put in, zip up or down to a piece of water where I can beach it, fish a run and load back up and find another run or head back to the boat ramp where I put in.

I've been low-holed and had boats fish right over the top of my line and I don't like it. I understand gear guys don't understand the spey conventions and it's more frustrating when it's spey guys.

I think abiding by etiquette is paramount importance because I would like to make sure that I lead by example on the river with etiquette.


I would literarily not understand why someone would put a motor on a river raft, especially when it comes to shuttles.
Enjoy the nature and the quiet scenery. Except for bigger water like the Snake/Clearwater and such, but that would require some serious power to move up anyways.

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