FS Some Rods, Reels, Lines (Galvan, Sage, Orvis, Burkie, etc.)


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I'm doing some house cleaning because I have a lot of things not making it into the normal rotation (such as 3 small stream 3&4 weights). Any lines pictured on reels I am keeping. All prices shipped in CONUS.

1) Sage 3600D. Good used condition with case and backing. $200 Sold

2) Galvan Torque T-10 blue. Great condition with case and backing. $310 Sold

3) Wetfly Kirtimati 11-15 wt. Like new. I have two of these and don't need both. They seem really well made. I have my other as a backup for tarpon and haven't had the chance to see how well it works :( $110 now $100

4) Harris Solitude 6. Great condition. Comes with conversion for switching retrieve and a second reel foot. $180, now $165

5) Cabelas Fin Nor CR89. This one needs some attention. Drag is a bit messed up and I think needs completely cleaned and re-lubed. Reel foot has a little damage, but is still functional. $65, now $60 Sold

6) Alutecnos SFR120 spare spool. I got a good deal on this hoping I would find a reel, but have had no luck. $20

7) Sage 5600. Good used condition. Comes with case and initials etched on the underside of the foot. $190, now $175, now $165

8) Ross Momentum 8. Good used condition. Some rubbing. Comes with case. $200, now $185, now $175

9) Orvis Superfine Trout Bum 704-4. Excellent condition. $300, now $285

10) Burkheimer 475-4 Classic. The previous user put some knicks in the finish from holding it in their teeth. Still works based on my experience in NC with it last year. $350, now $335 Sold

11) Jefferson 7126-4. Good condition with some minor wear. $350, now $335

12) Winston leather fly wallet. Shows its age and could use a little glue on the sheepskin. $60 Sold


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I've had multiple questions on Burkie. Here are some photos of the finish wear.


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I would possibly be interested in a trade for a good rotary vise. The one I have (Dyna-King Prince) only rotates on a 30 degree angle which is a bit tough for tying the flies I am tying without repositioning the hook continuously. Specifically interested in Dyna-King, Norvise, Renzetti, etc. This will be a desk vise so not really interested in one of the light travel vises. Money can change hands as needed either way if necessary.

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