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One of the beaches I fish has a swampy area with green scum covered water. Frogs are always croaking down there. It is fun to watch the herons stalk the edge of the water looking for a meal o’ frog.
Here is one on the beach.

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I enjoy it when I startle one of these birds into flight (or they startle me), Pterodactyl like with their unusual cry when lifting off.


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My home is included within the territory of a pair of barred owls. While they can be quite active by day for an owl, we hear them more often than we see them. But this individual popped into view a week or so ago and I managed a few nice shots.
BarredOwl5086Trim.jpg BarredOwl5078Trim.jpg BarredOwl5074Trim.jpg BarredOwl5064Trim.jpg BarredOwl5062Trim.jpg


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Chipmunk trapped and removed. Hawk eating mouse that I trapped in Garage. Bear on deck. Groundhog caught eating garden. It was size of a beagle and died of high velocity lead poisoning


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Bear on deck. Groundhog caught eating garden.
I had a Rock Chuck take up residence under my storage barn right after it was put in place but before I screened-off openings underneath the structure. Live trapping, chasing it out with a garden hose and long pole didn't work. I didn't want to shoot it under there. So . . . it became a game. The final solution was: screen-off all openings but 1 small one. Install one-way hardware cloth door triggered by a trip wire (actually, a Kevlar tripwire). The Chuck had taken up residence under the front of the barn. I set the the trip door, positioned my Deere rider over the area where the Chuck was, raised the mower deck & engaged the blades and let it run at full throttle for a few minutes, The Marmot shot out through the opening, door closed, Chuck couldn't get back in. It swapped ends, went through a fence gap and was gone. Since the are no Rockchuck colonies within 15 miles on my place, I assumed it had hitched a ride in the undercarriage of my truck on a recent trip down by Paterson. The moral of the story? Chucks don't like "Deere" . . .
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For the last several years a flock of a dozen or so bandtail pigeons has lived in the tall Douglas firs at the southwest corner of my property during the summer. I see them occasionally flashing through the lower branches of the trees and they scrounge through our compost pile. But they are typically quite shy and seem to always be behind a branch or in poor light if I have the camera at hand. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find part of the flock foraging on fallen seeds under our bird feeder in clear view. They stuck around long enough for a few nice photographs.
BandtailPigeons4621Trim.jpg BandtailPigeon4652Trim.jpg BandtailPigeon4619Trim.jpg


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Technically, this isn't from my backyard, unless you use a VERY expansive definition of backyard. But the view of this remarkable bird is so good that I had to share. This is the BEST view that I have ever had of a male ring-necked pheasant. It is from the Theler Wetlands at the estuary of the Union River by Belfair.

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