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This guy was near the house pissing off the smaller birds a short while ago. There appears to be a pair of Barred Owls nesting in our woods and hooting around the house nightly. PS. We have a nesting pair that were hunting moles in the yard at dawn. Bonus!


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@Canuck from Kansas you can't beat that for fun !

Garbage night is Weds here so a couple days back after 2am I went outside to get the cans to the road. Happened to look over at our cast iron planter and saw a light ghostly image. One of our Barn Owls was concentrating on prey and ignoring me.
I grabbed my camera with a 300mm lens and used only the light of my led backpacking headlight to get this shot. Pushed iso and handheld at 1/10th of a second.

Not much in terms of quality, but proof I was not dreaming, yet.

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Very cool....and lucky.!

Canuck from Kansas

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Been following a pair of Baldies since we got here, almost 10 years ago, up on a local stream I would like to consider is my back yard. This is the first from this years sightings:

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Takeoff: View attachment 280495

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Retracting landing gear

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Fully retracted

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An Osprey from 2 years ago who frequents the same territory as the above eagles, love the talons:



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