NFR Garden Thread 2021

Gary Knowels

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"Blood of Judas" love that stuff. Bought some on accident once and went back for a couple cases afterwards. Wife hates it but that means more for me and my sweet tooth.
We had it at a restaurant then ordered a case online the next day. We really like lambrusco too, but my wife also has a sweet tooth and prefers sangue di Giuda. Very few people we have shared it with dislike it and it goes great with pizza


fish & whistle
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Well the garden is in full bloom and almost looks like a nice English garden. Except for the GIGANTIC SUNFLOWER that nobody remembers planting. Yes, they just planted the one. It’s an apartment complex but only two of us really work it, so I’m blaming the other guy. I gotta say that we have some kind of accidental beast in the garden every summer, so this is it. Of course it’s right in front and 12 feet tall, blocking all sorts of pretty roses, lilies and dahlias. But like my mom said, “In a garden, exuberance over design every time.”


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Hot coppa is my usual go to with fresh fig. Which are coming on now but this year the bigger tomatoes are also coming on. Too rich.

Skip Enge

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Long time no be here...I built a lot of stuff, redesigned and built the garden, hand dus about 8 yards of dirt, leveling and bed design and build, a new greenhouse/studio fly are some pics


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Picked a bunch more Sungold tomatoes today and a couple Muskovich. We really like the Sungolds on our green salads. The Muskovich are super juicey, might have to BBQ burgers to use sliced tomatoes.

I thought the peas, both shelling and sugar snap, were finished, but I got several more handfuls today, even though the vines look like they're dying. Picked some nice second crop radishes, hope they are as tasty as the first.

The tops on my onions are falling over, either top heavy, or it means that they've grown as much as they're going to for the season. The second crop spinach I planted came up, but they just disappeared over the weekend. Too hot? Maybe slugs are back.


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Onion tops falling over means they're pretty much done. We stop watering them and just let them cure in place for a week or two, then harvest and hang in the barn to finish curing.
They are storage onions though...the Walla Walla onions we treat the same, but don't let them hang in the barn very long, just start grilling those things up straight away.

Dr. Magill

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Long time no be here...I built a lot of stuff, redesigned and built the garden, hand dus about 8 yards of dirt, leveling and bed design and build, a new greenhouse/studio fly are some pics
Hey Skip
You’re still around
Nice to hear

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Just deeply involved in making the most incredible garden space...We have harvest a lot of lettuce potatoes garlic and waiting for tomatoes,, I always seem to harvest in late August and September... I start every thing from seed so it takes me a bit longer...With the new greenhouse /studio. that will quicken up...It is the 3rd greenhouse I have built of the course of 40 years...Going to shop for a great pair of lights for next Feb seed starting...area is 18" X 84"...going witj mid level full spectrum led 300 watts or a bit less

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