Central Washington Ice Report Needed

Jonathan Tachell

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I was hoping someone on here could give me a report on the ice situation for central Washington lakes. We are headed over to the potholes and Othello area this weekend. Thanks in advance.

Phil Fravel

I drove hwy 26 on Saturday East. I did not stop and look at any lakes. But I also did not see any Ice around Crab Creek, the Palouse or Pampum pond


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Jonathan - as noted above, there's no ice now. But the storm blew out all the cloud cover and the nights are forecast colder but the day time temperatures are supposed to be above freezing. Enjoy the Basin.
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Jonathan Tachell

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Indeed all the lakes were ice free. We actually went over to do some duck hunting this past weekend. Some of the really small ponds were starting to get some ice on them when we left late yesterday morning.

I figured reaching out to some of the fine folks here on the lakes forum would yield some helpful information (hiking into hunt a lake at o dark thirty only to find it frozen solid sucks) and I was not disappointed.

The trip made me realize how much I miss fly fishing some of the basin lakes in the spring. I am thinking I am going to have to dust off the U-boat and do a little fishing this year besides salmon, bottomfish and steelhead.

Thank you again for the intel. If you ever need any info for the saltwater here on the wet side hit me up.


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Glad you had a good trip. My wife and I noticed quite a bit of ice on the small ponds along Dodson near Winchester Wasteway yesterday but 50F in the afternoon?
Drove by the Seeps and Scootney today....ice free. But colder temps on the way....at least the night-time lows.

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