Any recs for tying cabinet?


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Not sure I posted the finished product. Love it.




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Try checking out tie craft. They can make you a custom desk any way you want and even give you all the storage space you'll need. Pricy but worth it in quality

I actually spoke with Drew at Tie Craft when starting this project. Seemed like a cool dude and no doubt makes a quality product.

BTW....the antler bobbin holder is sweet.

Thanks! It is actually kind of a special piece. My father in law was an avid shed hunter. He had a garage full of elk sheds that he had collected over his life.

He passed away several years ago but gave us a bunch including that little deer shed.

It is perfect for holding bobbins.


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My mother-in-law gave me an antique spool cabinet which I’m guessing came out of an old sewing shop or general store. It has six drawers and works great for storage of capes, thread, and other items. I had no idea how much these things cost until just looking at a few on eBay.
Mine is similar to the one below.
It sits next to my tying desk.
You might keep your eye out if you hit flea markets, estate sales, etc...


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