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No power here, still. Went out around 11ish last night. My house is surrounded by (healthy!) 100'+ trees, so I listened to stuff hitting the roof all night, while the unmistakable blue flash of transformer boxes blowing lit the room up every once in a while. Very relaxing!
Lots of limbs to pick up today, including this 4" diameter one that speared firmly into the ground :eek:


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Got to work this morning to find two poles down and Powerlines draped all over the road off Nickerson by the Ballard bridge. I honestly slept through the storm and didn’t realize it happened lol. I asked a coworker if there was a protest and he looked at me sideways..... must have been a good one.


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I dropped a 100+ ft red oak tree about 2 months ago. So glad it wasn't on my mind all nite.
I did lose a french door from the 1930's.

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Lots of big limbs down today while out on my walk. Stuff big enough to do damage to people or structures.
With that said, you could ask for a nicer day after a big blow. Had to be close to 55°.
Stuff is starting to sprout up, some rhodies are blooming. Spring will be here before you know it based on how fast last year seemed to go.....

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I don't worry about thing's growing up and out until maybe late May or early June. My grass is a nice shade of brown. It won't turn green until May. Short growing season. Can't grow anything because of bad weather sneaking in.

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