State of Salmon


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I think it's duplicitous to talk about the progress being made toward salmon recovery and then ignore the obvious: Since the listings in Puget Sound began in 1998, state, federal, and local agencies continue to approve 9 or 10 habitat "degradation projects" for every habitat improvement and restoration project. It ain't rocket science to conclude that the habitat restoration necessary for recovery simply cannot happen under this scenario.


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I just skimmed it but didn't see any mention of commercial harvest restrictions in waters off SE Alaska and BC. Kinda seems like it might be playing a role, but maybe I'm just jumping to overly simplistic conclusions.


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You guys, I'm starting to notice an alarming pattern. There's like way less fish year after year. Do you think we should manage differently or change the paradigm? Probably not, I mean I'm sure it will all work out.

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