Waders: Stockingfoot protection against holes


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Didn't see anything about this in the search. I've had stockingfoot waders for about a month and used them 4-5 times with older hiking boots. The boots have worn a hole in the heel of one of the feet.

Are there 'over-socks' or something that can be used to protect the neoprene from rubbing against the shoes? Or are there other suggestions besides buying brand new wading boots? The waders are still under warranty so I'm returning and exchanging them for the next step up but the sock part will still be neoprene. I was thinking about preemptively patching over that spot.

If you go into some of the scuba shops and ask them, they sell neoprene booties that are meant to be worn to prevent abrasive rubbing from the fin straps. Shop around for the proper size you need that'll fit over your wader booties.. Better yet try shopping at your nearest Goodwill store, sometimes they'll have a pair or even ask someone working there if they've ever seen a pair for sale there. I picked up a decent pair of used wading boots in my size at the Denver Goodwill for like $10. Or like @WW and @snarlac had mentioned try on a pair of heavy wool socks, all you're looking to do is get a sacrificial material between your wader booties and wading boots to reduce the wear..
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