Trip Report Healing

Yesterday, the pups and I spent a couple of hours with Miss Tolius for some healing (the wife gave her this name and she mercifully consents to my having an affair with her). It has been too long, probably since before Thanksgiving. I am convinced of Miss Tolius’ healing powers. Tilly, our late Blue Heeler who suffered liver disease/cancer over her last few years, always was better for a couple of days after coming back from a visit with her. For Cody, his arthritis is better and for the younger pups, well, they are just more satisfied and calmer. For me, my blood pressure goes down and tranquility takes over.

She didn’t reward me yesterday, as is sometimes her want, though she teased me with a take on a #20 Purple Haze tossed amongst a treefall, but quickly took back her offering as he wrapped around submerged wood. We only spent a few hours together on a glorious January afternoon, but as always, we returned home feeling healed from the strife of these times. We will have to return soon, the promise, lost amongst the wood, is too appealing.



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