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I actually got a little bit bored with last night's game. Don't get me wrong, both teams area incredibly talented, and some amazing sh$t went down. But, I liked the NFL when scoring points was a big deal, and having a running game that could grind down the clock was important.

The gunslinger shootouts are a win-win; fans love themselves a touchdown ( and more is better right?), and it gives the NFL more opportunities to go to commercial when drives last less than 2 series.


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Great Game. Interesting that both QB's fathers were in the MLB. Mahomes tied the record for the fastest pass thrown (60MPH) His dad was a pitcher.

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As a Rams fan from the Roman Gabriel days, this has been a great season. It's understandable that some get a bit excited and do a bit of trash talking. The problem is trash talking brings bad karma, and any long time Rams fan will tell you, the Rams are very prone to bad karma.


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This thread is here so DimeBright has a place to post about his team without clogging up the Seahawks! I’ll start it out.

Long live Roman Gabriel! Now there was a great Ram.

You got to get his member name right if you want him to post in this thread....DimeBrite.

Speaking of the Rams, there are a lot of folks who liked pro football before the Hawks showed up on the scene in 76.
Many who post here aren't originally from the PNW, so they have no love for the Hawks.
If you grew up on the west coast prior to 1976, there is a good chance you were either a Rams, 49ers, Raiders or Chargers fan.

Dudes I enjoyed watching and rooting for growing up. My all time favorite being the last guy.

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I was a big Raiders fan when a kid. Daryle Lamonica was great, would throw the long ball, but I especially loved it when Blanda would come in and save the day. Nothing like having a 40 year old back up quarterback and place kicker. Then I became a fan of David Kreig, Steve Largent, Dan Doornick and Curt Warner, back when the Seahawks band was a union gig in the Kingdome. That was a great time, We sat on the floor in at about the 15 yard line and played every time there was a tv timeout. It was a great view when the ball was at our end.....or whenever we played music because a squad of the Seagals would always dance in front of us.

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No TV in our house until I was twelve and by then I was interested in fishing, then cars and girls in approximately that order. Dad took me fishing at least every other weekend and those times I wasn’t fishing TV held little interest. I got interested in football after moving to Alaska in 76 with long winter weekends and the Seahawks being adopted by Alaska, being the nearest NFL franchise. When my nephews became ball boys for them in early 90’s in just cinched it for me.

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