Charles Sullivan

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Yes Brady is good. So does it tell you that while in New England that it was him and not Bill?
It is not an either or question. I watched the whole deal for 20 years. without Brady, BB gets 1-3 superbowls. Without BB, Brady gets 1-3 superbowls. Together they get 6 out of 8 chances.

Go Sox,

Charles Sullivan

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Wow, what a weekend.

Excellent matchups and the conference championships look the best in years.
All 4 teams are peaking.

Tom Brady 1 win away from another SB.

Amazing he can walk into a new system and take it to the top.
What a joy to watch such competent QB play. He is 43. Brees is 42. Brady's arm has not deteriorated like Brees' has. Brady's footwork is elite, his touch is other worldly and he manages the game with humility and intelligence. Clock management before the half was excellent.
Jack of all trades, master of most.

Go Sox,

Canuck from Kansas

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Mahomes cleared!!!!

Turtles predict Chiefs victory

Go Chiefs!!


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