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Stafford is not Joe Namath going to the Rams. Yes he needs to be healthy and stay healthy.
His play has not received the recognition it deserves, mostly due to playing for the Detroit Lions. Players in the league speak highly of him, and you don't do what he has done by not being damn good. fer gawds sake he is a Texan who played at Georgia!

NFL records​

  • Most passing touchdowns in a single game by a rookie quarterback: 5 (tied with Ray Buivid, Jameis Winston, Deshaun Watson, and Daniel Jones)[210]
  • Youngest quarterback to throw for at least five touchdowns in a single game (21 years, 288 days) (November 22, 2009 against the Cleveland Browns)[211]
  • First player in NFL history to complete 60% or more of all passes in each game in a season (2015)[212]
  • Most games with at least one touchdown pass in a season: 16 (2011, tied NFL record)[213]
  • Most consecutive 350+ yards passing games: 4 (2011–2012, tied with Drew Brees)[214]
  • Most passing yards thrown for in a single game without a touchdown pass: (443, December 22, 2012 against the Atlanta Falcons)[215]
  • Most passing attempts in a season: 727 (2012)[216]
  • Most pass attempts per game, season: 45.44, 2012[217]
  • Most games with 40+ pass attempts in a season: 13 (2012)[218]
  • Fastest player to reach 15,000 career passing yards (53 games played)[219]
  • Fastest player to reach 20,000 career passing yards (71 games played)[220]
  • Fastest player to reach 25,000 career passing yards (90 games played)[221]
  • Fastest player to reach 30,000 career passing yards (109 games played)[222]
  • Fastest player to reach 40,000 career passing yards (147 games played)[188]
  • Fastest player to reach 3,000 completions (125 games played)[223]
  • Most passing yards in first 100 games (27,890) [224]
  • Most fourth quarter comebacks in a season: 8 (2016)
  • Most game-winning drives in a single season: 8 (2016)
Tom Curran reported that he would accept a trade nearly anywhere except New England. It may be because the hired Matt Patricia back or it may be he saw it as a no win scenario with few "weapons" or it could be that he is weak and knows he can't take being treated like everyone else, like QB's in New England are.
Interesting tid bit anyhow.

Go Sox,

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Think you nailed it with the first two, the third, nah, not weak just smart.
Maybe. OTOH, NE has a ton of pics and cap space, a HOF coach and just won 7 games with a team pummelled by off season losses and opt outs.
Some think he preferred to play inside or in a warm area too.
By all accounts he disliked Patricia calling out his poor play in the film room. Stories of BB calling out Brady are numerous. He may not have been up for that level of accountability. NE can be a difficult place to play.
I found it interesting. I do know that if he did not want to be there NE is better off without him. Your QB needs to be invested in the program.
I suspect he will do well in LA. McVay seems like a coach who can get the most out of him and he certainly can make all the throws. Goff could to but Stafford seems like he is far more polished and smart.
Honestly, I think Bellicick ruined Goff in that superbowl. He never really bounced back from putting up 3 in the big game. He seemed broken.

Go sox,

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Yeah the Hawks didn’t want to win, or try to win this recent playoff.....really?
Did you not watch the game? It was obvious. It’s not something I just read on Qanon - I saw it with my own two eyes.

edit: think about it — watching the Rams play Goff at QB, and with a broken hand at that, and still win ... that’s like watching all those boxes of fraudulent illegal ballots being pulled out from under tables in Georgia and then Biden somehow wins?????? Right before your eyes Sheeple.
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