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Running Back
Lawrence Phillips

The #6 pick in the 1996 draft finished his NFL career with some 1300 yards rushing and 12 TDs. The Rams thought so highly of Phillips that on the same day of the draft, they traded his predecessor, Jerome Bettis, to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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First in a series of my favorite Ram players...

He was hell in correctional league flag football after his NFL career.
Burt Reynolds was beyond jealous.

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I used to like the Rams, but that was before Seattle got the Sea Hawks. I also used to like Green Bay, but that was because I live there. About 80 years ago or so. But those were the days before TV. You had to listen to the radio or be lucky enough to get tickets.

My dad had season tickets to the Sea Hawks but back then the seats were cheaper. We weren't in the nose bleed section and it wasn't on the 50 yard line. But you were at the game and that's what counted. And boy could you make a lot of noise in the King Dome.

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Will 2018-19 be the Lambs season? Or will their sad playoff win drought continue into another decade? Stay tuned.

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