How’s your raft or drift boat setup.


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I like to carry two even three rods set up and ready to go on my raft or drift boat. I bent some 1 1/2 pvc that works pretty good. What else are you guys doing? Any other creative idea for a boat I’d love to see as well. I like organization on the water and some times I got a certified shit show going on. If you got a nice boat let’s see some pics and make me jealous.


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The length (14’) and layout of my boat does not lend itself for interior rod storage.
I run my rods out the back and it works ok.


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Paul. My drift boats 14’ as well. I may go that route. Cheap way to keep them all in one place.


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I'm running the FishCat 13 and I really haven't found a great solution. I try to keep all the rods on on the left side of the pontoon between the frame and the bags. The 9' rods are assembled but the spey rods ride half assembled. If anyone new is fishing with me they get a strong talking to before they even enter the raft as to how to get in and out. I try to drill into them that they only get out from the bow or from the right side. I'd rather not have to build more rods just because you didn't look where you put down your boot. I've been through two seasons without a "storage" related breakage, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I really need to figure out something better too.


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Just to the left of Brian’s leg on the rowers bench, its a weighted rod holder that you can move around to suit your pretty good. I’ll post brand name if I can find it or @bk paige responds... E6575C48-3F43-4C07-804E-FA6431CC7BF7.jpeg

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Bale Breaker and fried chicken for the win. The rest is just gear crap....

I run my spey poles like @bhudda except the buts are on the floor(sounds like a decent rap song). I like to have them out the back most of the float but sometimes I'm pulling into to shore ass first and want to be able to easily grab them and turn them forward. Only downside is the line tangle but that just takes some finesse to undo.

And oar rights dude? C'mon man....... :p

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
I need training wheels :eek:

I don't know if those rod holders are around anymore, or if there is even a name on it. can take a look tomorrow. I put the butts on the floor too sometimes, just depends on the fliat and mood I guess.

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