Marine Life of the Sound


That's why they call it fishin' and not...
One of my favorite aspects of fishing the Sound is being surrounded by various marine species. Some tell me a lot about what's going on, others keep me guessing. If I see a Great Blue Heron, I assume there are likely smaller fish around. The ever curious seal or sea lion might tell me where a shelf is, where the current is stronger, or if larger fish are present. When I see Eagles and Osprey, I get a little more excited at the thought of a SRC or Salmon in the area.

I often see grebe and ducks that either are, or look like harlequin ducks. They are beatiful and they constantly fool me into thinking I just missed a jumping fish. Their primary food source seems to be invertebrates. Do seeing these diving ducks mean anything else to you?

What does the local marine life tell you about the waters you're fishing?

I started down the rabbit hole. Resources for nerding out:

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